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Who ministers to the minister

Who ministers to the minister

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Breakfast meeting 16th July 2011

What a great time of fellowship we enjoyed at the “WHO MINISTERS TO THE MINISTER” Breakfast hosted by Bishop Mark for MANministries on Saturday 16th July.

Who Ministers to the Minister
Bishop Mark talked about the spirit of disloyalty that often starts within the church and often from the leadership and filters down to the membership which causes devastating effect in the church when leaders take the church in the opposite direction of the senior pastor. He also mentioned that the senior pastor must have the gift of discernment to stop this in time… well before it hits the church.

Pastors were in agreement that these were amongst the current issues evading our church and needed prayers and support in these areas.

One thing that was blatantly obvious by the end of the meeting is that as Ministers, we too are in need…The pulpit is a place of isolation…Its not the devil who breaks up a Church, it is people…The people whom we serve…the same people who on many occasions, we put before our families.

We touched on the subject of balance and the problems, we as Ministers of the Gospel, face all too often.

Much of what was said remains confidential, but the question still remains “who ministers to the minister?”

These kind of forums are so essential as Ministers often feel that they are not allowed to hurt, not allowed to be angry, not allowed to have days where they cannot minister…many feel that this calling is 24 hours a day 7 days a week without holiday.

You must have left encouraged, knowing that the things that you are going through in your church, someone else has been through that already and can encourage you as to how they got through…you must have left encouraged knowing that you now have a network of likeminded ministers who can listen and pray with you…Proverbs 24: 6…in multitudes of Counsellors there is safety.

Please mark this date for your diary…November 12th 2011, “who ministers to the minister” the next breakfast meeting…this is an important forum that God has laid on my heart and I will run with this.

Keep in touch with each other, talk together, pray together, and consider each other in Jesus Name

Pastors … be encouraged!…You may not be the Pastor that they want, but you are the Pastor that they need.

Who Ministers to the Minister

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