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No More Shame

No More Shame

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And so it was that by divine appointment Bishop Mark and a team of 5 travelled to the sunny island of Jamaica for the NO MORE SHAME conference – Hosted by Evangelist DEBORAH FRANCIS under the Leadership of Pastors Franz & Dianne Fletcher.

This was, as the title suggests, going to be a conference that was going to transform lives. Various messages were preached with titles such as.. “Refused, Rejected and Re-allocated” “’s time to draw a line under it”…”is there life after sin”…to name just a few.

There was a message for everyone…a word for every condition and every circumstance.


Each night the people came in their numbers knowing that the Conference Host was a living testimony of a life after many an abuse. Evangelist Deborah released her book titled as the Conference “No More Shame” based upon her life story. What God has done for you, He can do for me as He is no respecter of people…a story of abuse and how she overcame.

The Word came through nightly and people were released from times of bondage….culminating when the people danced as one around the Sanctuary singing “I am free…Praise the Lord, I am free” led by Bishop Mark.

The workshops too were a great success led by Prophetess Mary Wildish Reece for the ladies and Bishop Mark for the men. Bishop motivated the men provoking their thinking by re-enacting the rise of King David after his visitation by the Prophet Nathan. This came alive to the people who could see the certainty and hope of a life after sin.

This was not just a conference for a weekend but one for a lifetime. Seeds were sown nightly which can only grow in the lives of those who received…who left truly convicted of a life to be lived…without shame for all those who live in Jesus Christ.

For pictures of the NO MORE SHAME Conference click here

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